Selected Publications

 Factors determining nestedness in complex networks. S. Johnson, V. Domínguez-García and MA. Muñoz.
PloS ONE, e74025, 2013

 Trophic coherence determines foodweb stability. S. Johnson, V. Domínguez-García, and MA. Muñoz.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA , 111 , 17923–17928 , 2014

Inherent directionality explains the lack of feedback loops in empirical networks.  Virginia Domínguez-García, Simone Pigolotti, and MA. Muñoz.
Scientific Reports 4 , 7497 , 2015

 Ranking species in mutualistic networks. Virginia Domínguez-García and MA. Muñoz.
Scientific Reports 5, 8182 , 2015

 Intervality and coherence in complex networks. Virginia Domínguez-García, Samuel Johnson, and Miguel A. Muñoz.
Chaos 26, 065308, 2016

Advancing our understanding of ecological stability. Virginia Domínguez-García, Sonia Kéfi, Ian Donohue, Colin Fontaine, Elisa Thébault and Vasilis Dakos.

Ecology Letters 22, 1349-1356, 2019

Doctoral Disertation Thesis. V. Domínguez-García.
On the Architectural Features of Ecological and Biological Networks