Seminarios de ecoinformática de la AEET: usando  Python para el análisis de datos (pandas & seaborn) . Aquí tenéis el Video , el repositorio, y el binder por si queréis seguir los ejercicios.

Interesting Ecological Network Databases:

Interaction Web Database : Great collection of Bipartite networks (mutualistic, hervibore-plant,host-parasite,…..) all in plain matrix format, including species name.

Pajek FoodWeb Dataset: A collection of foodwebs in .net (pajek) format , including species name. Not too new, but still useful.

Coral Reefs : Highly detailed foodwebs of three different coral reefs.

Web of Life: Collection of different ecological networks (mainly pollination and seed-dispersal) maintained by the bascompte lab.

Ecological Data Wiki : The Data Wiki helps scientists collaborate on gathering information about data and how to use it.

KONECT Dataset: Large network datasets of all types … have fun.

Computational tools:

Gephi: A multiplatform program for network representation and analysis.

NetworkX: Python library for working with complex networks.


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