Speck of Chaos

Atractor extraño. Fuente

Local perturbations can bring an integrable quantum many-body system to the chaotic regime. This fact has been known for the XXZ model since 2004, and such results have been recently extended to two other models: the transverse-field Ising chain and the Lai-Sutherland spin 1 chain. The nature of different quantum chaos indicators, static and dynamic, will be reviewed, to discuss how a single local effect can bring three different integrable systems to the chaotic regime. Among the possible indicators, the distribution of off-diagonal matrix elements of local operators and the correlation hole will be presented with more detail.

Ponente: Francisco Perez-Bernal. Universidad de Huelva.

Fecha y hora: viernes, 26 de marzo de 2021 a las 12:30. 

Lugar: Online: https://meet.google.com/vyq-ucva-vdj.