Mpemba effect in Markovian open quantum systems

The Mpemba effect is the phenomenon for which a hotter liquid can cool at a faster rate than a colder one. This effect is nowadays receiving much attention; it has been predicted for different classical systems and it has even been observed experimentally for a trapped colloid particle. In this talk, I will propose an analogue of the Mpemba effect for Markovian open quantum systems. I will show that the relaxation dynamics of these systems can be exponentially accelerated by devising an optimal unitary transformation, that is applied to the quantum state immediately before the actual dynamics. This preliminary “rotation” is engineered in such a way that the state of the quantum system becomes orthogonal to the slowest decaying dynamical mode. I will illustrate potential applications of this effect by showing how it can be used to achieve an exponential speed-up in the convergence to stationarity in Dicke models as well as to avoid metastable regimes in an all-to-all interacting spin system.

Ponente: Dr. Federico Carollo. University of Tübingen.

Fecha y hora: viernes, 23 de abril de 2021 a las 12:00. 

Lugar: Online. Enlace: